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Irrigation Suppliesfor all your watering needs, ensuring your landscapes thrive and your crops flourish.

Our Irrigation Hardware Supplies Mornington Peninsula

For Landscapers: Our selection of irrigation products for landscapers is second to none. From durable sprinkler systems to advanced drip irrigation components, we provide everything you need to create efficient and sustainable water systems for any landscape project.

For Domestic Gardeners:¬†Whether you’re nurturing a small backyard garden or managing a larger landscape, our irrigation supplies like hose-end sprinklers, timers, and rain sensors will help you maintain the perfect moisture levels with ease and precision.

For Farmers: Agricultural irrigation requires robust and reliable solutions. At Red Hill Garden and Farm Supplies, we offer pipes, fittings and dripline systems that stand up to the demands of farm life and help maximise crop yields.

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Water your Garden, Keep your Lawn Lush, Feed your Fields

Red Hill Garden and Farm Supplies have the perfect irrigation products to suit your purpose. Visit us today!